PMS Colors


Pantone® Matching Systems are the industry standard for colors used in the printing trades.


Pantone® Matching System - PMS - Color Guide


NOTE:  Colors will vary from monitor to monitor and from printer (Inkjet/Laser) to printer.  In fact, they are seldom an exact representation of the color of ink made by the Pantone formula.  We recommend you refer to a physical (Printed) PMS Color Chart (or CMYK Color Bridge) if you are concerned with color deviation.

Click HERE for our On-Line Pantone PMS Color Chart.


 Artwork & Graphics

We DO NOT knowingly violate copyright laws.  It is your responsibility to supply us with ONLY copyright free art files.

Definition of Traditional ‘Camera-Ready’ Artwork:  Artwork printed on paper that is clean, crisp, black and white, and production ready, with no touch-up or changes required. Multi-color imprints require color-separated artwork with registration marks. When using screens, please supply a separate solid overlay (not screened) and specify the percentage of the color to be used.  Dynamite LLC reserves the right to determine what is and is not camera ready.  

What is Not ‘Camera-Ready’ Artwork:  Unfortunately, we cannot consider photocopies, business cards, faxes, letterhead or other imprinted products to be camera-ready artwork.  We can quote most jobs by using such artwork, but not for production art.  We can work from these items to create your finished artwork at an hourly cost.  Minor changes will be made at no charge.

Definition of Digital Artwork:  Artwork which is provided on compatible disk, ready for output with no changes required.  Artwork which is provided by electronic means but which does not meet these requirements will require additional work and artwork charges.  E-mail art to

Acceptable File Formats:  Adobe Photoshop (.psd, .tif, jpg), Adobe Illustrator (.ai, .eps) version CS2 or earlier.

Requirements for sending disks/art:  Accepted disk formats include: CDR or CDRW (IBM), Flash/Thumb Drives, and E-mail.

Font Requirements:  All artwork, whether sent on disk or by E-mail, must include all fonts used.  It is very important that we receive all fonts used in the creation of your artwork to insure proper translation, as fonts may change during the transmission and translation process.

File Requirements:  All artwork exchanged electronically or on disk requires the file itself, all placed artwork, and all fonts used in the creation of the file.  If you are sending a compressed file, please make sure it is a self-expanding file or that it is compressed using WinZip.  Include a paper copy of your artwork with the disk(s). If sending your artwork by E-mail, please fax a copy to us, understanding that no job can be processed until camera-ready artwork is received.  Always keep a copy of your original artwork file(s).  DO NOT send your only copy.

Color Requirements for Screen Printing:  All Artwork Specifications must be built using Pantone (PMS) Spot colors (not CMYK, Process Builds or RGB), ready for spot color separation.

Compatibility:  We are integrated with most programs for both Macintosh and IBM platforms, however, the bulk of your artwork would be preferred in an PC format.

Artwork by E-mail:  If sending files via E-mail, attach your artwork file and all fonts used to create that artwork.  If possible, please keep file sizes under 8-megabytes total for all attached files.  Once again, if submitting your artwork via e-mail, it is best if you can fax us a copy of your finished art, as well as the fonts used, to confirm that what we have received is truly what you would like to have printed.

We’ve “been there and done that” and we have a few battle scarred ‘T-Shirts’ to prove it!  We know that the process of preparing and sending your artwork can be a complicated and sometimes frustrating experience.  This information has been provided for those who may have the experience and desire to send their own art.  If you are having problems, feel free to call one of our trained representatives to assist you.